Friday, 4 May 2012

Resume Writing from Scratch - How to Get Started

Templates of resume have come into existence to help candidates out for writing a resume that best suits their needs and the job profile. Template is nothing but a stencil and a fill in the blank form. The format of the resume is the outline of the document and the online template for resume allow you to fill in your details.

For those who have never made their own resume, resume writing might seem a huge task. The following will give you the different and necessary sections of a resume and based on these, you can make your resume. Also, make use of the tips given below.

What is a Resume?

Students and freshmen are used to the word curriculum vitae (CV). There is a difference between a resume and CV though. The CV talks only about the educational and academic qualification, whereas the resume is more like a document that you give to the employer for getting employed. You have to make it attractive and make it seem as if you are the best suitable candidate for the job.

Sections of Resume

There are some mandatory information to be mentioned in the resume and only the sequence and presentation sequence changes amongst the ones mentioned here:

The objective of a resume is like the statement of purpose. What are looking for, why do you wish to be a part of the institution where you are applying, what do you have to offer to the organization, why should they take you, etc. It is the shortest section of resume, but can be used wisely.

Professional Summary:
In this section you can write in a gist about what designations you have held or the duration you have served in every job, the voluntary services you have done, projects, etc.

Work History:
This is a section for details and description of your previous job experiences. You may also mention any outstanding achievements or describe your targets in numbers. Elaborate this information using both, bulletined points as well as paragraphs. Keep the section elaborate yet distinguished by spacing out sentences with just about enough white space, i.e. empty space.

Extra Curricular Activities:
If you have been an all rounder and have achieved some awards for the same, do mention it in this section and make use of it all the more, in case you are a freshman. It shows your enthusiasm and participation in other things apart from just studies. The employer will see as it as a sign of a good employer and team player.

This is what a resume constitutes of and the length of the resume can go up to two pages too. Save space and adjust the font size to such that the overall look of the document is not that of a congested one.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Professional Resume Templates

Professional resume templates should be editable as well as printable that provide a better user interface. There are several sites ,you can use for resume templates according to your skills set and job description. Suppose if you need web developer resume then you need to go in the developer's section and select the template in that particular section. If you are looking for fresher resume then you can opt the basic templates.For professional resume writing you can go for either functional or chronological resume template.

While creating the professional resume with the help of templates, more emphasize is given to the layout instead of colours to the resume format. That is why such kind of templates provide a descent look to your resume. Resume thus created consists of data and properly formatted to attract the employer. The competition to get the job is increasing day by day and every job seeker is trying to exhibit more additional skills in order to keep himself alive in the competition. As the result of this, changes has been reflected in designing the resume to shout in front of the hiring manager.

Latest Resume Templates

If you are creating a job winning resume, you have to take care that it should be designed in such a way so that it could be the key to get an interview call. Latest resume templates concentrates more to be called for next level of interview I.e face-to-face interview. Every job seeker has personal and professional details like qualification, mile stones achieved along with professional background. The key purpose is to make the resume unique and that could be achieved by selecting the perfect resume templates.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Resume Templates for Microsoft Word

It is not a difficult task to find resume templates on the web. Some of the sites provide what you need where as others can give you sample resumes instead of templates. The resume template should be provided in such a way so that it could be easily downloaded and could be edited according to the personal details.

If you have to create an effective resume then, you need to keep two things in your mind. First of all you have to keep the correct layout with the proper use of words in the resume. The layout of your resume vary according to the experience, the job description, skills etc. The resume layout proves your eligibility for the job. The way you write the resume identify the facts about your proficiency. If you combine your efforts in resume writing along with the perfect layout or template,then the results that you receive are always positive.

If you use the template then there is no need of having the proper layout,but you must follow the guidelines while writing each section of the resume. Without having ideal writing,there is no benefit of a perfect layout. Resume writing is not a difficult task but it is recommended to follow the instructions. The instructions include the guidelines using a combinational approach so as to get the benefits of skilled template and chronological resume template.

If you want to know about resume writing then this is the perfect place for you . I will try to provide the tips that is needed to create an effective job winning resume. Here,you will see tips related to resume templates that cloud prove beneficial to you.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Resume Template

1)Don't try to use unique layout. Choosing the unique one indicates that you have used a template. So, just simply go for a normal layout as simplicity is the key to impress the interviewer.

2)If you are sending the resume electronically, the information can be searched. Keep this point in mind while using the electronic media.

3)Several templates use fonts like italics, bold, underlining property. These can create problems while scanning your file.

4)It is advised to create your own template by taking the help.


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cruiser123 - About me and my Lenses in squidoo

Hello! I am Cruiser123. I am pretty enthusiastic about writing and hence decided to assist people on variety of tips on resume templates. I am a prolific writer, analyst, and a positive thinker. I have two of my Squidoo lenses online that provides assistance on writing resumes for different purposes. I am familiar with the changing trend in different fields due to the increasing unemployment and hence, I have provided advanced tips for building impressive job applications.
Resume Building tips with resume builder and Chronological Resume and Interview are my two lenses posted on Squidoo. 
 1. Resume building tips with resume builder

Resume should give clear idea to the employer about your job related skills and traits. It must highlight your past experiences to create a positive impact on the potential employer. You must present all the information clearly and carefully. This lens will discuss about how you can design a perfect application with the use of different resume building tools. Use of these tools will save a lot of time and you can get a great resume with minimum efforts. I hope that these tips will be helpful to you in unlocking the hidden opportunities. 

 2. Chronological Resume and Interview

This lens will provide you tips for designing your chronological resume and explains you how it will be helpful during your interview with the employer. Most job seekers follow this format for writing their job applications. Hence, the title "Resume Building Tips with Resume Builder" provided here will definitely prove helpful to job seekers in their job search. As it is said, “When in Rome, Do as Romans Do”, it is important to design your application depending on the need of the employers and requirements of the particular job.

I have been regularly posting lenses for the past 1 year. Many job seekers have benefited through the lenses posted here and I am sure that this will keep happening in future. As you are here, you are either seeking a job opportunity and want to know the tips to design a perfect job application or you want to stay updated with the recent trends in resume writing.

I wish you best of luck for future and hope that my lenses prove helpful to you and you get the desired opportunity.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tips for Free Blank Resume Templates

Job seekers are always in a dilemma about making their resume. How to start and how to end, how to write the skills and experiences in the resume, etc., are matters of concern. This post will provide a solution by giving guidelines for using free blank resume templates. So according to your requirement, fill in the details and prepare your own resume.

Resume is a record that shows your 'employability.' It is used to analyse your progress graph along with the 'commercial' facts of what you have to offer to your current organization or the new hiring manager. A good moment to work with your resume is at annual appraisal time when skills issues are being reviewed.
Resume Format:

Are you thinking about the resume format? Well, no need to think about it; just follow the free blank resume templates available in market. This is a basic guidance if you are unaware of cover letter, application letter, etc. With the help of this blank form or template, you will come to know how to correlate your skills, experience and write them in appropriate technical words.

To get the exact format with examples you can even visit

For fresher, i.e. a candidate who has no experience, resume writing can be a very frustrating task. Thus, a guideline is mandatory to write your resume.

What will You Find in the Resume Template?
In the resume template, you will have basic information and format of writing resume. You just need to fill the blanks with your personal data like, the objective, details of education, experience, etc. Now, you can create your resume with free blank resume templates.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Resume Template For Fresher

The resume for fresher candidate is discursive and step-by-step process. Constructing a resume is just like sketching your abilities, experience, personal strengths and optimizing it in the best possible way that could fit as per the requirement.

Resume for a candidate without having any experience will draft the document that calculates your potential, decreasing the negative factors and increasing your career opportunities.

A classical fresher resume will not work for you if you want to get calls for best jobs in the field. In the current job market, potential employer always seek the candidate having experience in the relevant field as they don't want to make any kind of experiment by taking the fresher for the particular position. So, to get a job for every candidate without having any experience is a tough task and a real challenge for them. Also, a fresher resume has the same kind of look as reported by the hiring manager. In this case, it seems difficult to differentiate yourself from other candidates. But, you can convert the opportunity into your destiny by taking some care while choosing and doing the construction of your resume.

Try to go back in your past and summarize your achievements, convert your positive things into your strengths and present it in such a way that it could be proved as the requirement. You would probably write a winning note in the interview. You can also go through the characteristics of resume templates which will prove helpful to you.

Below is the sample of a resume template for fresher candidate, you can take the help to create your own resume.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Create Your Resume with Resume Templates

Writing a resume is not a difficult task if you implement proper techniques. If you are unaware of writing a job application, there are ready-made blank resume formats called resume templates that can be filled with corresponding details to get a perfect job application. When you are using such templates for resume writing, it is important to follow some important tips. These templates are available in different styles and formats. Not all formats will suit for all types of work. If you have employment gaps in your work history, you cannot use a chronological template for writing your application. It is required to choose the appropriate format depending on your professional background and the position you are applying for. Here is the sample template that will show you how the template actually looks and how you can use it for drafting your application. Go through this sample template and get detailed idea about it. I was busy with writing the letter of credit and thinking about the post. Find below for the sample of template :

Sample of Resume Template


[Street, Lane, City]

[State, Zip Code]

[Contact No.]

[E-Mail ID]

Career Objective/ Career Summary

[Mention your career goal clearly in this section and discuss the position you are seeking in the company. Also discuss the major accomplishments and skills that make you suitable for the job]

Key Strengths

[List your job related skills in this section. Use bulletined points for listing your skills. Do not include the skills that are irrelevant to the position you are applying for]

·         ..

·         ..

·         ..

Academic Details

Highest Degree College/ University, City, State

Year of Passing


Next Degree College/ University, City, State

Year of Passing


Work History

Year [XXXX - XXXX] Name of the company, City, State

]Job Title]


·         ..

·         ..

·         ..

Year [XXXX - XXXX] Name of the company, City, State

[Job Title]


·         ..

·         ..

·         ..

Awards and Honours

[List the details of any awards or honours received from your past employers in this part of your resume. These accomplishments may help you in getting attention from the reader]

·         Award Description of award

·         Award Description of award

Personal Information

·         Full Name

·         Detailed Address

·         Date of Birth

·         Marital Status

·         Nationality

·         Gender

·         Employment Status


·         Name of Reference

·         Job Title

·         Company Name

·         Contact Number

·         Official E-Mail ID

This is the basic chronological resume template for fresher and experienced professional writing your job application. This format can be used for most job applications. You can edit this template and fill the details in place of the square brackets or as instructed in the template.